Interior Design by Natasha Sanchez

Natasha Sanchez of Featured Interiors has been in the design industry since 2003 and continues to develop and demonstrate creative interior design solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality clients throughout Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. 

Professional skills include conceptual design, furniture and lighting design, graphic design, kitchen and bath design, FF&E, finish selections, space planning, project management, project development, renderings-freehand and digital using SketchUp, business management, sales and marketing, administration, social media and development, bookkeeping and accounting, writing and copy editing, and more. Services include on-site assistance, consultations, estimates, design proposals, and cost-efficient budget analysis. 

Natasha has demonstrated enthusiasm, excellent quality standards, positive/ lasting client relations, negotiation skills, and ability to complete projects on time and within budget. She enjoys collaborative environments, and aspires to create moments of discovery, contemplation and inspiration. Her dedication and intuition is an independent prestige.


From 2016-2019 I had the amazing opportunity to work as an in-house Design Consultant for MGM Resorts Design and Development, allowing me to provide my creativity to fantastic projects with ridiculously talented designers and managers (along with architectural consultants, procurement, pre-con, construction, manufacturers and installation teams).

Each project has a unique story, as concepts are true to the brand identity for each property, demographics, and aesthetics of existing spaces since most were refurbishments. There are so many curated details, and I was able to provide a heavy hand to each project.

Projects Included:

•Bellagio Casino Refurbishment
•MGM Mansion Casino Refurbishment
•Bellagio Spa Refresh
•MGM Villa 1 Refresh
•Bellagio Baccarat Lounge
•Bellagio Villa 3, 7 & 9 Refurbishment
•Excalibur High Limit & High Limit Lounge Refurbishment
•Luxor Pyramid Room Refurbishment
•MGM Casino Carpet Design

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Unique spaces require unique solutions. I take pride in my ability to connect with my clients. To see their enthusiasm as each space is completed and to know that I helped have been the greatest and most humbling experiences of my life.

I thank you for taking the time to discover the possibilities where we can accomplish your goals to elevate your design project to another level and hope to be a part of the journey.


Projects Include:

•Calico Jack’s Saloon
•Stone Law Offices
•Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
•TAO / Marquee Nightclub
•Nightclub (Shanghai, China)
•Beauty Venom Salon

Each commercial project had minimal or major refurbishments which required different levels of involvement in schematic design and FF&E selections to existing builds. Some required/included conceptual renderings and finish schedules to convey design intent, and each was defined by project budgets and ownership aesthetics.


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